Fresh, Home made Pasta in Minutes!

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Emeril Lagasse Pasta & Beyond

  • Pasta & Noodle Maker

  • 8 Pasta-Shaping Discs
  • 2 Measuring Cups
  • Pasta Cutter
  • 2 Emeril's Recipe Books
  • Juicer & Frozen Fruit Dessert Attachment

  • 1-Year VIP Protection Plan

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"This pasta maker is wonderful! Truth be told, I’ve never made home made pasta before, however, I will never go back to cheap boxed pasta! I love being able to make pasta and this makes it fun and easy..."

   - Nicole R.
"This thing comes with everything you need to wow the crowd at home. This is my first venture into homemade pasta and noodles, I had always been intimidated by the process. Not anymore, so quick and easy..."

   - Richard
"This thing is so AMAZING, it is so much more than just a pasta machine. I have made a few frozen desserts and used the juicing attachment. The frozen treats are off the chain. I can't wait to try the pasta..."

   - Onya L.
Emeril with pasta machine

Up to 1 Pound of Pasta in Minutes

Chef Emeril’s Pasta & Beyond makes it easier than ever before to put fresh, hot, homemade pasta on the table in minutes. Just add your favorite flavors and ingredients, press the button, and let Pasta & Beyond do the work.

Mixes, Kneads & Extrudes
Just add your favorite ingredients!

Make pasta just the way you like it, including specialty doughs, like whole wheat, brown rice, and keto-friendly pastas, all at home with just one touch.
Electric Pasta Makers Extrude homemada pasta
Pasta Maker Juicer Frozen Treat Attachment

Pro Grade Juicer & Frozen Fruit Dessert Attachment

Juice hard vegetables, fruits, or leafy greens or make your own nut milk, like almond or cashew milk. Plus, it doubles as a frozen dessert maker: Transform frozen fruit into frozen fruit soft serve, sorbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt with no added sugar or preservatives.

Pro-Grade Shredder & Slicer Attachment *

Shred and slice vegetables, grate cheese, and slice hard meats quickly and easily.
* Available at Checkout
Pasta & Beyond Slicing Carrots
Pasta & Beyond Grinding Beef

Meat Grinder Attachment *

Make burgers, breakfast sausages, stuffed dumplings and more!
* Available at Checkout

Emeril’s Pasta & Beyond Includes:

Pasta & Beyond Appliance
Emeril Lagasse
Pasta & Beyond
8 White Pasta Shaping Discs
8 Pasta-Shaping
1 Large and 1 Small Measuring Cup
2 Measuring
Pasta Cutter Tool
Emeril on Pasta & Dough Recipe Book Cover
Emeril's Pasta & Dough Recipe Book
Emeril on Juices & Ice Cream Recipe Book Cover
Emeril's Juices, Ice Cream & Frozen Fruits Recipes
 Juicer & Frozen Fruit Attachment
Pro-Grade Juicer & Frozen Fruit Dessert Attachment
1 Yr Protection Plan
1-Year VIP
Protection Plan

8 Pasta-Shaping Discs

Make an Endless Variety of Pasta and Noodles
penne disc
spaghetti disc
linguine disc
tagliatelle disc
udon disc
angel hair disc
Angel Hair
fettucine disc
lasagna disc
penne pasta shaping disc
spaghetti shaping disc
linguine shaping disc
tagliatelle shaping disc
udon shaping disc
angel hair shaping disc
Angel Hair
fettucine shaping disc
lasagne shaping disc

Revolutionize Your Kitchen with Emeril's Pasta & Beyond 

Spaghetti and Meatballs
iced watermelon juice
mac & cheese
Veggie Fettuccini
ramen soup
frozen fruit soft serve

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